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ED, Low T, and can't pee: Understand, treat, and prevent these middle aged male problems

Erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and urinary problems (related to an enlarge prostate) make up an unhappy triad of male health problems that often strike in a man's 40 - 60s. Also, erections are a barometer for your health and are related to heart heath and heart attacks.  In some ways, these three Urologic problems are related too. They CAN be treated and there ARE methods to reduce the chances that you'll get them. The first few minutes is dedicated to defining what each problem is, how, and why it happens. The next few minutes are dedicated to treatment concepts for each problem. By minute 7, we switch gears to prevention. So IF you are in your 20-30s, definitely listen to the last 5 minutes of this video. But, hey, the whole thing is only 12 minutes of your life!

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